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Vicon c3d file format

Mime Type: application/c3d-vicon+trial

File Suffix: .c3d

The C3D file format ( is a public domain, binary file format that is used in Biomechanics, Animation and Gait Analysis laboratories to record synchronized 3D and analog data. This component implements read routines for this format and also for the non standard extentions made by Vicon and used by Vicon Workstation and Nexus. Write routines are also available but not yet tested.

The usage of the c3d format is not recommended due to its restrictions and the manifold of unspecified workarounds to overcome them.

Some examples:

  • Vicon stores Events in a prprietary way in the parameter section. But this allows to store only 127/255 events.
  • The count of timeseries is saved in one byte. This results that it also needs a workaround if you want to save more e.g as the CLEVE model do. To mange this additional parameters are defined: DESCRIPTIONS2, LABELS2, …
  • The length of the timeseries is restricted due to the fact that it is saved as INT16 or UINT16
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