To export data you have to invoke an „Export“ action in the context menu of the nodes representing the data. Depending on the kind of selected data and depending on the available export modules, you can choose between serveral output formats, e.g. .csv, .mat (Matlab).

In principal, a d3d-file has three different context types: 1. A node presesenting the hierarchical data as complete - the motion data object, 2. Nodes representing groups of so called DataCollections and 3. Nodes representing DataCollection objects.

Export data of a single dataset

If you call the „Export“ action in the context menu of a „dataset“ node, the following Dialog opens:

If you want to restrict the export you have to select the switch. Than you can select a labelset in the context menu. Labelset files are searched in the „labelsets“ folder of your main project. You also have to select the child datagroup of your labelset which contains the wanted labels.

<LabelSet name="test">
  <Labels name="RGraspPhase" fileSuffix="csv">
    <Label name="RWJC"/>

Be careful: If you define two <Labels> groups with the same „fileSuffix“ the labels of both groups are merged into one group with the group-name of the first group.

The output file name is the name of the DataCollection extended by „_“+<name of the labelgroup==phasename> and the suffix given by the labelgroup.

In the case of .csv and .json the label group name is interpreted as a phase type name and only frames contained in phases with this name are exported.

A selection of multiple trials exports all of them in separate files.

Export data of a group of datasets

If you call the „Export“ action in the context menu of a group of data the same dialog as for exporting datasets is shown.

The exported data in the .csv-format looks as follow:

Additional to the csv-output of a single dataset you can seet a column with data for each dataset which is included in the selected datagroup.

Supported export file formats

Mime Type Default Suffix Description Status
text/x-hdascii glx File format specific for the GaitLab HD. Mime Type should be changed to „text/x-glx“. Final
text/x-gnm gnm File format specific for the GaitLab HD Final
application/motiondata+mat mat Matlab data exchange format Release, some ideas about export of additional meta data exists
text/x-csv csv Reading of csv-files is not implemented. Release
text/x-json json Reading of json-files is not implemented. Release
application/motiondata+trc trc OpenSim default trial format. Implemented but not tested.

Export separated phases

If a labelset/labelgroup is given, the labelgroup name can be interpreted by a specific implementation of a fileformat as the name of a phase, which should be exported only. This behavoir is implemented for the .json-and the .csv-format only.

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