Do not delete the file "cmlproject.xml".

Even if it is created again e.g. by renaming this can cause unexpected error. In this case a restart of the application is needed

Do not delete/move open projects

Do not delete/move open projects outside of a Nimue Platform based application. This can cause strange error messages. If it happens close all of these projects in your platform app. A restart of the application is not needed.

Change of the main project is not correctly recognized

If you change the main project not all parts of the platform do recognize this correct, e.g. it can happten the processing a session is based on the project which war priviously set as main project. Better restart the application after changing the main project.

A output d3d file is not shown in the output windows in the Data Explorer

This happens, if the session folder name contains „#“ characters. Rename the folder.

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